Why is nutrition so important?

There are many misconceptions about what people should eat to lose weight, maintain weight, gain muscle, maintain muscle, recover, or reward yourself. The biggest challenge even for me is to sift through what I consider to be way too much information coming from way too many voices- all with different goals for different people in different situations. Well, I’d like to simplify some of that for you, starting with a basic theme of “To get good out, you gotta put good in”.

It’s important for people to understand that more isn’t always better, less isn’t always better, fat isn’t always bad, and there is such a thing as eating too much fruit. – Except avocados, you can eat as many as them as you’d like, but that’s a different blog for a different day. And yes, avocados are fruit.

In terms of diet and nutrition, the ‘when’ is just as important as the ‘what’, but today, let’s focus on the ‘why’.

First: When your body has the right mix of food (fuel) stored it improves endurance, which would help anyone hitting the gym after work – in the middle of the 4:30 energy crash most of us feel. Second: It helps improve concentration, focus, and decision making ability. And third: when you’re eating well, you’ll get sick less often, and generally feel better than those days where you don’t eat so well. Every athlete has felt that heavy, dead-legged feeling during a workout, game, or match before; that’s where nutrition comes in, but most people skimp on the nutrition part of the workout due to “there never being enough time in a day” – a problem that we know all too well. The reality is that nutrition is the component we should never skimp on. Being well-fueled allows you to perform at your peak. It really is that simple. With the proper fuel, you can literally delay fatigue, you stay sharper, reaction time doesn’t break down as much, and your brain does a better job of releasing endorphins (feel good chemicals) so that you are more likely to keep up your routine because you won’t feel burned out.

What makes up your physical ability? There are three components. You have genetic potential that is predetermined, you have some level of training, and nutrition is the third piece that supports the other two. It can tip your potential and performance in the right, or wrong direction.  Keep on the lookout when we’ll focus on the when and what, shortly.

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