Why is nutrition so important?

There are many misconceptions about what people should eat to lose weight, maintain weight, gain muscle, maintain muscle, recover, or reward yourself. The biggest challenge even for me is to sift through what I consider to be way too much information coming from way too many voices- all with different goals for different people in (READ MORE)


Did you know that the most common cause of low back pain is postural stress?  This type of low back pain is frequently brought on by sitting for  prolonged  time in a poor position, prolonged forward bending in bad working positions, awkward or heavy lifting or standing and lying for a long time in a (READ MORE)

Myths About Back Pain

There are many sources of confusion about lower back pain – there’s always something in the news about a breakthrough that’s revolutionizing back pain management. Unfortunately, the solutions for healing the spine are usually not straightforward. While some people find pain relief quickly, most people find it’s a long and winding road to getting an (READ MORE)