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Element elevates simple ingredients to provide your body with powerful fuel. This nutrient replacement ups the ante with superfood ingredients including wheatgrass, goji and raspberries. Other organic staples include: sweet potatoes, flax seed and egg protein.

One does not simply, replace a meal.

Less is more when it comes to meal replacement. Element makes sure you are getting the most natural, essential proteins
and nutrients for your lifestyle. No chemicals or fillers. Only simple, minimally-processed ingredients.

Two scoops has all the nutrition you need!

Two scoops of Element powder contain 27 essential vitamins and 28 grams of protein—double other supplements on the market.Our formula contains all organic ingredients free of GMOs, dairy, gluten and unhealthy sugars,maintaining a low glycemic index for those with strict diets including Paleo and Zone.

Element is built to
play and train hard.

Element encompasses essential nutrients for those with active lifestyles and strict diets—including athletes. Just because you can’t pronounce an ingredient, doesn’t make it better or stronger for you. The best energy comes from all-natural ingredients, giving your body what it needs and deserves.

Element is built around
sustainable energy.

Organic, non-GMO ingredients allow for quicker and more efficient absorption in the body. Benefits of Element will include increased energy and a boosted immune system, so you can sustain your active lifestyle.

Get in your element.

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